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  Exploratory Mastoidotomy, Tympanoplasty(The operative procedure and prognosis)
  - Third extraordinary International Symposium on recent advances in otitis media,
    Copenhagen, Denmark, June, 1 - 5, 1997.
  Exploratory Tympano-mastoidectomy : It's procedure of prognosis.
  China-Korea medical conference' 97 (July 1997)
  The technique and postoperative evaluation submucosal resection of the inferior
  turbinate in chronic rhinitis
  - Rhinology - A State of the Art pp 119-123, 1995
  The concomitant operative procedure of N.P.R.S. & F.E.S.S.
  Submucosal resection of the inferior turbinate(S.R.T.) for chronic rhinitis: The surgical
  technique and its prognosis
  Allergic rhinitis & House Dust Mite at urban district of Seoul, Korea, in 1990s
  Allergic rhinitis: an objective diagnostic significance and its correlation with laboratory
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